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Digital Spartan Service

Protection 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week.

Currently, ransomware attacks on consumers & small businesses are happening every 38 seconds. They are the accessible targets because they are unable to pay the high cost for the necessary security to protect themselves, their families, and their businesses from a modern day cyberattack, and the cyber criminals know it. Replace your Firewalls, Antivirus, VPN and Experts with EXOsecure’s Managed Cybersecurity Service.

What is our Digital Spartan Service?

Why Digital Spartan Service?

The Cybersecurity Industry over the past several years have developed solutions for large enterprises and governments. The founders of EXOsecure realized that consumers and small businesses were being left behind. In our estimate, they are behind 10+ years. The cybercriminals understand this gap now exists and we already see their focus changing to exploit this opening. Therefore, the founders created EXOsecure and the Digital Spartan Cybersecurity Service focusing on consumers and SMBs.

How does Digital Spartan Service work?

EXOsecure partnered with the top cybersecurity manufacturers and procured their equipment. Our ecosystem solution was built developed and expertly configured in the cloud to serve a multitude of businesses and consumers. This allowed for our solutions to be affordable, what’s called leveraging the crowd. Finally, our team integrated the security controls into a simplistic and innovative user dashboard within our website. It is here, that the power of our security was put in reach for every customer.

What You Are Getting

Our ecosystem deploys technologies in locations on the Endpoint (your device), in the Network and in the Cloud which optimize their effectiveness while not interrupting your user experience.

Multi-Method Exploit Prevention​

Blocks vulnerability-profiling techniques before they launch exploitation attacks, effectively preventing the attacks.​

Kernel Exploit Prevention​

Prevents exploits that leverage vulnerabilities in the operating system kernel to create processes with escalated. ​

Cloud-Enabled Protections​

Our Digital Spartan Cybersecurity Service to leverage "the Crowd" via "the Cloud".

Continuously Evolving, Expertly Applied, and Affordable.