Tony Coward

Extending Zero Trust to The Endpoint

With data and applications being accessed from devices all around the world, Zero Trust and its prevention-first approach should expand beyond your network and into endpoints. Read the blog for additional insight on implementing an integrated platform approach that combines endpoint and network security. Read More…

Prisma Cloud Identity-Based Segmentation

As organizations move applications to the cloud, they add more layers of network complexity, creating more targets for cybercriminals to breach. Watch the webinar to learn why identity-based segmentation could be the silver bullet in the fight against advanced cyberattacks. Read More…

Zero Trust Advisory Service

Organizations are increasingly looking to leverage Zero Trust as a strategy to secure their business resources—but planning and implementation can be daunting. Palo Alto Networks can help guide your Zero Trust journey, leaving no stone unturned. View: Zero Trust Advisory Service

Zero Trust Enterprise for Healthcare Organizations

Since the pandemic broke, cybercriminals have been taking undue advantage of the fact that healthcare systems have been overwhelmed and completely absorbed in taking care of patients. Read the eBook to gain insight on the Palo Alto Networks Zero Trust Enterprise approach to securing users, applications, and infrastructure in healthcare organizations. View: Zero Trust Enterprise …

Zero Trust Enterprise for Healthcare Organizations Read More »

Bringing Zero Trust to Cloud Native Applications

Constantly authenticating, authorizing and verifying access to every environment gets tricky in cloud environments, where third-party providers operate outside of company networks. Watch this Palo Alto Networks webinar to gain insight on how to build a Zero Trust strategy for your organization that enables more powerful and streamlined authentication features. Read More…

Accelerating Your Zero Trust Journey in Education

Palo Alto Networks works with educational institutions to make Zero Trust actionable. Read the whitepaper to gain insight on how these institutions benefit from more consistent, improved security and simplified operations that effectively lower costs. View: Accelerating Your Zero Trust Journey in Education