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Download the Installation Package

Install the Cortex XDR Agent package

Verify the installation

Reboot your Windows device 

Before installing the Cortex XDR agent on a Windows endpoint, verify that the system meets the requirements described in Cortex XDR for Windows Requirements.
Download the installation package.
Software installation packages will be provided from your account activation email and by signing into your account from your order/subscription details.
Install the Cortex XDR agent Package.
Use the following workflow to install the Cortex XDR agent using the MSI file.
    • Ensure that you download the Windows installer for the Windows architecture (x64 or x86) installed on the endpoint.
    • Run the MSI file on the endpoint.
      The installer displays a welcome dialog.
    • Click Next.

    • Install the agent.
      The installer displays a User Account Control dialog.
    • Click Yes.

Verify the installation 
    • After the installation completes, verify your connection.
    • To open the Cortex XDR agent console, right click the agent icon in the menu bar, and select Console.
    • Click Check In Now to initiate a connection with your tenant of Cortex XDR. If successful, the Last Check-In field updates to display the recent check-in date and time.

Reboot your Windows device 

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