PA-440 Firewall, +Lab Subscription & Support – 1 Year


The world’s first ML-Powered Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW).

Includes, Palo Alto Networks PA-440 firewall (PAN-PA-440-LAB). PA-440, Lab bundle subscription (Threat prevention, DNS, Advanced URL filtering, GlobalProtect, WildFire, SD-WAN, Standard support), 1 year (12 months), prepaid.


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Customer ‘Business Entity’ requirement

EXOsecure is only permitted to quote/order Palo Alto Networks (PAN) hardware/software for customers who are ‘business entities’, as defined by state/federal definitions. Customers must provide their business information and confirm that they are a business entity before any quote/order can be processed by EXOsecure. If it is subsequently determined that an order has been placed and the customer does not meet all PAN business and data governance requirements, then EXOsecure reserves the right to cancel the order and provide a refund to the customer, less any transaction/handling fees/charges incurred by EXOsecure.


The Palo Alto Networks PA-400 Series Next-Generation Firewalls, comprising the PA- 410, PA-415, PA-440, PA-445, PA-450, and PA-460, brings ML-Powered NGFW capabilities to distributed enterprise branch offices, retail locations, and midsize businesses.
The world’s first ML-Powered Next-Generation Firewall enables you to prevent unknown threats, see and secure everything—including the Internet of Things (IoT)—and reduce errors with automatic policy recommendations.

In addition to all the ‘A la Carte’ subscription offerings there are two PA-400 Series subscription bundles available, ‘LAB’ and ‘Core Security’ (previously the ‘PRO’ or professional Bundle).

The LAB Bundle package provides customers with comprehensive network and web security capabilities for LAB & Test Environments.
The LAB Bundle provides the following Subscriptions, Advanced Threat Prevention, DNS, Advanced URL filtering, GlobalProtect, Advanced WildFire, SD-WAN, Standard support.

The ‘Core Security’ bundle includes the following subscriptions, Advanced Threat Prevention, Advanced URL Filtering, Advanced Wildfire, DNS Security and SD-WAN. The Core Security Bundle is ideal for SMB businesses looking to extend security across their production environment(s).

A la carte subscriptions and the core security subscription bundle can be paired with premium support offerings.

Note. Per the Palo Alto Networks EULA, you are not permitted to use any product that is procured under a Lab or NFR (not for resale) SKU in a production environment.

The full Palo Alto Networks EULA can be found here. https://www.paloaltonetworks.com/content/dam/pan/en_US/assets/pdf/legal/palo-alto-networks-end-user-license-agreement-eula.pdf

Details of Palo Alto Network Support plan offerings can be found here. https://www.paloaltonetworks.com/services/support/customer-support-plan


Palo Alto Networks PA-440 Lab Unit.


PA-440, Lab bundle subscription (Threat prevention, DNS, Advanced URL filtering, GlobalProtect, WildFire, SD-WAN, Standard support), 1 year (12 months), prepaid.

Firewall throughput (HTTP/appmix)†

3.0/2.4 Gbps

Threat Prevention throughput (HTTP/appmix)‡

0.9/1.0 Gbps

IPsec VPN throughput§

1.6 Gbps

Max sessions


New sessions per second*



Note: Results were measured on PAN-OS 10.1
† Firewall throughput is measured with App-ID and logging enabled, utilizing 64 KB HTTP/appmix transactions.
‡ Threat Prevention throughput is measured with App-ID, IPS, antivirus, anti-spyware, WildFire, file blocking, and logging enabled, utilizing 64 KB HTTP/appmix transactions.
§ IPsec VPN throughput is measured with 64 KB HTTP transactions and logging enabled.
* New sessions per second is measured with application-override, utilizing 1 byte HTTP transactions.

Custom Options

Use the 'Contact us' link to request a quote for 3 & 5-year Subscription/Support options or any other custom build requirements.


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