Statistics, Statistics get your favorite cybersecurity statistics here!

If these statistics do not provide enough evidence to justify and create a more proactive mindset in Cybersecurity and in protecting your company systems and information, I will eat my hat. Let’s get serious about cybersecurity.

Some Statistics that stand out me ….

  • Global cybercrime damage in 2021 amounts to $16.4 billion a day, $684.9 million an hour, $11 million per minute, and $190,000 per second (Cybersecurity Ventures, 2020).
  • Every 11 seconds, a business falls victim to a ransomware attack (Arcserve, 2020).
  • Over 50% of all cyberattacks target small- to medium-sized enterprises (Cybersecurity Ventures, 2021).
  • As such, 60% of SMBs that suffer from hacking or a data breach fold within six months (Cybersecurity Ventures, 2021).
  • The likelihood of detecting and prosecuting the perpetrators of cyberattacks in the US is at a dismal 0.05% (World Economic Forum, 2020).
  • Losses from cybercrime damages are expected to reach $6 trillion by 2021 (Cybercrime Magazine, 2020).


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